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My name is Emma and since the birth of my daughter I decided to put my knowledge of dogs and cats to good use and start a dog walking and cat sitting business. I live in Purley-on Thames near Reading and have access,from my garden to the lovely dog walk along the Thames Path.
I have experience of many different breeds, and have owned dogs all my life, I am especially experienced with Terriers dogs,especially Jack Russell dogs.
I have a lot of experience with pedigree cats.

I am well aware of the difficulties associated with combining full-time work (including long or unusual hours), holidays, short breaks or illness with a caring and professional solution for your pets.  Busy work schedules can leave a dog or on their own for considerable periods of the day, without the necessary food, water replenishment, exercise, companionship and opportunity to go to the toilet. 

I will always have an initial visit with you and your pet and discuss with you what your dog/cat requires.

I will pick up your dog and walk, either near your own home or in Purley-on Thames near Reading.The first walk will always be solo so I can build a relationship with your dog and assess them. I am happy to walk your dog on a lead, or off the lead with your permission. This will always be done in a suitable and safe area.
The  dog walk is a guaranteed 40 mins and is tailored to your dogs needs, regarding age, temperament, breed etc.
I will dog walk in a group or solo walk. Puppy socialization will always be solo. 
After the walk I will wipe your dogs paws,dry them off if necessary,settle them down and provide any food or water as necessary.
If you just want your dog to be let out,fed or just have some company during the day this is also possible.

It can be hard leaving your cat for the day never mind the week. For longer holidays, I'll stop by every day to check,feed and play with your furry friend. If you have any special requests for exercise or medication, I will take care of it all. I can leave you a daily report to let you know how the visit went too, and if you are on holiday I can e-mail or text you. I can also pick up your mail, water your plants and do other small errands to make sure your first day back home is stress free.

Both these services can be regular or on an ad-hoc basis. I am available to do last minute, but I would still need to meet your dog/cat beforehand.

I also offer a feeding,cleaning service for small pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits or even more unusual pets such as iguanas. No spiders though!!!!!

Please contact me for more information about dog walking or cat sitting in Reading and the surrounding areas.

New service available. We have teamed up with a fantastic grooming business.  www.purleyshampooch.co.uk

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